• Yes to Sex... Just Not Yet!

    A Practical Guide to Sexual Integrity for Young Adults

    Despite all the misguided ideas about Him, God is good, relational and has your best interests at heart. Furthermore, when it comes to sex, young people may be pleasantly surprised to hear what their Creator has to say about the subject.

    Like a present to be opened at Christmas, God has a perfectly crafted season for you to enjoy this special gift. Let it be known that God says, “YES to sex!” His answer isn’t “No,” just “Not yet!” If you’re willing to take the challenge, you can say the same.

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    Carpenter's Son Publishing

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    June 24, 2013

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What's this book all about?

"Yes to Sex... Just Not Yet!" is filled with humor and practical advice which is sure to put a smile on your face and cause you to say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Chapter 1

God and Sex:
Original Intent

Chapter 2

No Cleavage “Till You Leave-age”:
God's Great Expectations: Be Holy

Chapter 3

Why Wait to Have Sex?
A Great Question!

Chapter 4

What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas: Sexual Sin Runs Deep

Chapter 5

High Places and Strongholds:
Everybody Ain't Doing It

Chapter 6

Restoring Innocence:
What to Do if You're Already a Mess

Chapter 7

Resisting Sexual Sin - Part One:
Practical: Think McFly, Think!

Chapter 8

Resisting Sexual Sin - Part Two:
Spiritual: Weapons and Armor

Chapter 9

To My Brother from Another Mother: What a Guy Wants

Chapter 10

To My Sister from Another Mister:
A Special Message for the Girls

Chapter 11

Preparing for “The Right One”: Letting God Build Your Dream for Marriage

Chapter 12

A Word to the Presently Engaged:
Finish Your Race Well

Chapter 13

Speaking to the Gay Sex Issue:
Gaining a Christlike Perspective

Reviews from around the web

People everywhere are expressing their delight with "Yes to Sex... Just Not Yet!"  Read a sampling below.


Yes to Sex


Read how "Yes to Sex" is changing lives and why teens, young adults, youth directors and church leaders speak so highly about this timely book.

  • Every parent should buy this book! Our teen daughter read it and absolutely loved it. Not only did she enjoy reading it, she had a hard time putting it down. Having this book opened the door to conversations about sex and Godly conduct in dating and relationships. Our other kids will be reading this book as they enter their teen years, as well!

    - Marcus
  • Great book to help navigate the issues facing young adults today! Great practical advice on how to avoid falling into the traps our culture places all around us. A must read!

    - Eric
  • Where on earth was this book when I was growing up? Pastor Sam tackles the difficult and ... highly contested subject of sexual purity in this fearless, thorough, humorous and honoring work. In a world where Christians oftentimes allow culture to set the standard, Sam upholds the Word of God as the true plumb-line. He is transparent yet careful to present the Biblical parameters for loving sexual encounters in a way that is neither overbearing nor judgmental.

    While this book can (and should) be read by teens and young adults, parents such as myself will flock to its wisdom and timely nature. The truths are presented honestly (lets face it, he's just plain hilarious) and thoughtfully... Buy a dozen... you'll find yourself passing them out like hotcakes!

    - California Mom
  • As a 24-year-old fresh out of college... I've gone through some temptations in search of the "right one". Pastor Sam's book not only offers great insight on how to live a godly life while being single, but also how to change your spiritual life from the inside out. Not many people can tackle a subject like this with humor and intellect as he does. Although the road ahead isn't easy, I feel more determined than ever to take on this monster called lust. While I've personally struggled in several areas, this book spoke truth concerning my value and that God truly does have a purpose for me.

    I don't have to live in constant shame. ... My value is found in God alone, and it is He alone I should seek, to prepare myself for the one He has for me in the future!

    - Mitchell
  • This book is perfect for the young teenage girl and the single mom trying to lead by example. Fabulous book, will recommend to my friends and their teenagers...Might even have an extra copy for the teenage boy that wants to ask my daughter out.

    - B. Holt
  • This is a really fun read. Sam is insightful, humorous, practical and devoid of guilt trips. It's an easy read, loaded with simple wisdom tips for a great life and a future marriage, and what to do if you've done it wrong!

    - Rick Godwin
  • Too many books on sexuality for young adults are shaming or guilt-inducing. This [book’s] message is absolutely pro-sex. It is healthy, encouraging and biblical.

    - Russell Willingham
  • This is an awesome take on sex and marriage! It is relatable and it makes sense. Instead of feeling condemned and judged, this book shows the love of Christ and the fact that God created sex to be beautiful... at the right time. Pastor Sam does a great job relaying the message of marriage and sex and makes it a comfortable thing to talk about. It is a must read for all teens and parents with teens or pre-teens!!

    - Jessica
  • It has been hard to believe that “my person” is still out there. This book encouraged me to keep holding on to the promises God has given me in my future husband.

    - Cynthia
  • With amazing clarity, candor, humor and compassion, Pastor Sam Beckworth delivers a practical handbook for surviving and thriving as a single Christian in an age of tremendous temptations and confusion.

    - Dr. David Cannistraci
  • Pastor Sam communicates very well, keeps it rated PG, and will make you laugh, all while equipping you with truth and God's heart towards you. God is for sex, but why not yet? Why not with whomever, however, whenever I want? Pastor Sam answers these questions and more using practical truth, the wisdom of the Bible, and without shame or condemnation attached. It's good to know what the boundaries are, but not many communicate why. Pastor Sam does, and you will feel uplifted and empowered to make the best choices for your life and live life abundantly!

    I only wish I had this book 20 years ago to help me through the sexual challenging world around me. ... Yes to Sex is a gem! I highly recommend it!

    - Franky
  • This book really opened my eyes. I have a totally new and refreshed idea on the whole sex idea. I realize that sex isn’t something I need to be in a hurry for.

    - Christian
  • This book is a MUST read for anyone working with young people. Sex is not bad, it's just not good for you outside the ... safety of a marriage as God has designed it... I have been married for 15 years and have worked with youth groups for 10 years. This book helps relay the message in a clear and biblical way. Thanks Sam for helping parents and youth workers communicate this message.

    - Tanner

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About The Author

Sam Beckworth

Sam Beckworth serves as the Lead Pastor of Faith Summit Church in Clovis, California. Since his early twenties Sam has encouraged young Christians to reach for God’s best. Sam and his wife have been married since 1996 and have two beautiful, gifted and comical daughters. You can find more resources at www.reachingforwardmedia.com.


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